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Storer’s age old saying is. “We’re a name you can trust!” A company motto that dates to 1952! Now in its 3rd and 4th generation of Storer leadership, the company carries 7-decades of tried-and-true business practices and operational standards that unequivocally stand the test of time. It is clear, as evidenced by our long-standing history in the transportation industry, Storer can successfully navigate its way through an industry that has advanced in so many ways. Storer is very proud to have maintained its reputation as a high-quality, safe, and reliable transportation services provider for over 70 years.

charter bus san francisco
charter bus san francisco


Storer is proud to be nationally recognized for an impeccable safety record and for never failing a terminal inspection in history. Our seven-decade track record of industry experience and success gives us a unique and thorough understanding of the intricate passenger transportation regulatory and operating environment. We are dedicated to supporting the evolving needs of our customers, ensuring sustainable and reliable transportation operations, services, and solutions. Storer performs all light and heavy-duty maintenance on its vehicles. We do not rely on the outsourcing of maintenance of our vehicles.  Companies who out-source their maintenance lose control over priority. Storer is able to have 100% control of the quality of our maintenance program.


Proper training is vital for the safe management of life’s most precious cargo and that is why Storer’s industry leading, driver training program is at the core of our company. We are proud to have a robust driver hiring, training, and re-training program whereby we can hire non-commercial, Class C (car) drivers and train them to become commercially qualified and professional bus drivers. Our robust team of Certified School Bus Instructors hold the highest available bus driver training certification in the country. Every aspect of our training program is truly Storer’s secret recipe to transportation success.

charter bus san francisco

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Storer’s number one priority is to deliver safe and outstanding transportation services that exceed
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